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04 July 2022
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MFA in Design

The Collective Analogue, bring emotions into our digital lives.

Xingyu Du

Play Together, Memories Togethe

    The mature theory explains that "emotion and emotion are the subjective experience and corresponding behavioral response of people's attitude towards objective external things, which reflects the relationship between the needs of the subject and objective external things. Emotion and emotion have three components, unique subjective experience, external expression and physiological awakening. In most cases, people are talking about " individual self-feeling of different emotions".
       But nowadays, the "digitalization" of the world makes people's emotions less pure, and some people in the aging group who can't keep up with "digitalization" are forgotten, resulting in some family emotional problems. At family gatherings, many family members will be immersed in digital devices. Those traditional forms of entertainment are gradually forgotten, but in fact, "unplug-in games" are a good means of entertainment to increase their feelings. This article creates a card game by studying the gameplay and design of many board games. Let people have one more game as an option when they get together.