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04 July 2022
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MFA in Design

Gift box design

YuanJun Xiong

Convey emotions

    When you are faced with the stereotyped, uninspired gift boxes on the market, have you ever wondered if it could be developed into a more meaningful and interesting style? except the basic function of carrying gifts, could the gift box be a gift itself? This project is dedicated to seeking more diversified functions for the gift box, such as giving the mission of conveying emotion, according to different types of emotional requirements to accurately express. Moreover, “gift box” become no longer a disposable item, it’s something that can be passed from hand to hand to bring people closer, and has more sentimental function and value. 

    The concept of pattern design came from the psychotextiles experiment, which makes the “gift box” has a clear, distinctive, and designated connection between the giver and the recipient. It expresses and speaks the will of the giver that is suitable for multiple occasions, even if it is “ineffable”. This premium positioning gift box provides additional emotion influence function and with letter cards to maximize the capacity of expression and communication, making it have more specific and profound value on the basis of enhancing social relations in the gift box. Makes people reach a more intimate, close, and tacit understanding level.